BlueTest – Bluetooth Scanner

What can it do?
1. Search devices
2. Ping a device (optional)
3. Bind a device (ex. 6310i)
4. Extract device information
5. Extract/manipulate phonebook entries
6. Extract/manipulate SMS entries (Only Nokia 6310i is supported)
7. Extract dialed numbers, missed calls, received calls
8. Make a call (hangup after 20 sec.)

What do you need to run it?
1. Mobile device/phone (example: 6310i)
2. Perl + Device::Gsm;Getopt::Std;Term::ReadLine;Device::Modem;Term::ANSIColor
3. Bluetooth adapter (example: linksyss usbbt100)
4. Start the script as root (you need root to bind a device at /dev/rfcomm0)

The information has been provided by Kroma Pierre.

Get the code at


BSI Open Source Security Suite (Boss)

Germany's Federal Office for Security in Information Technology
(BSI) has developed a free, open-source tool that allows public and
private sector organizations and companies to test the security of
their networked systems, the agency announced Friday.

tool, BSI Open Source Security Suite (Boss), is based on a remote
security scanner system developed by the Nessus Open Source
Vulnerability Scanner Project. Nessus software includes more than 7,000
plug-ins to test the security of all relevant networking products,
according to BSI. The software's user interface has been modified to
make the application easier to use, the agency said.

also draws on other open-source software applications available via
Knoppix, a GNU/Linux distribution that boots and runs completely from
CD. Knoppix includes recent Linux software and desktop environments,
with programs such as, Abiword, The Gimp, Konqueror,
Mozilla, Apache and MySQL.

addition, BSI has integrated a Security Local Auditing Daemon (SLAD),
which manages a range of security software, such as Tiger,
John-The-Ripper, Tripwire, LSOF, ClamAV Antivirus and Chkrootkit.

new security tool developed by BSI can thoroughly check core systems
for internal security weaknesses or recent attacks, helping
organizations and companies track down security problems, according to
the agency.

The free software can be downloaded from BSI's Web site .

software will also be available on CD at the BSI booth during the
LinuxTag 2005 conference from June 22 to June 25 in Karlsruhe, Germany.

Found on Network World.


CustomizeGoogle is a Firefox extension that enhance Google search
results by adding extra information and removing unwanted information.
All features are optional and easily configured from the options menu.

  • uses Google Suggest when you search
  • adds links to competitors (“Try your search on Yahoo…”)
  • rewrites links to point straight to the images in Google Images
  • removes image copying restrictions in Google Print
  • secures Gmail, switches to https
  • anonymize your Google userid (disabled by default)
  • removes ads (disabled by default)
  • adds a result counter in search result (disabled by default) NEW
  • filters spammy websites from search results NEW
  • This is a great tool.  I have using it for a while now.  Now
    it's hard to use a computer with this installed.  You used to have
    to have Firefox and GreaseMonkey, but now CustomizeGoogle is a FireFox add-on.

    VoIP Sniffing Demonstration

    I have always touted Cain & Abel
    as being a great security tool to demonstrate the ease of hackers in this day
    and age.  Iron Geek has flash tutorial video
    on Cain's new function: Sniffing Voice over IP traffic.  In the demo you
    see how easy it is to listen in on a VoIP call and have it saved in .WAV
    format.  Nice.  Time to start demanding VoIP encryption from Vonage
    and other carriers.  The technology is available; they just choose not to
    use it.  Remember cable modem fans, you're on a hub…