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About Bit9

Bit9 - The Leader in Trust-based SecurityThe Bit9 Trust-based Security Platform continuously monitors and records all activity on servers and endpoints to detect and stop cyber threats that evade traditional security defenses.  A cloud-based software reputation service combined with policy-driven application control and whitelisting provide the most reliable form of security in a model that can be rapidly implemented with less maintenance than traditional tools.  This combination gives organizations immediate visibility to the software running in their enterprises; real-time detection of and protection against cyber threats; and instant forensics information for incident response.   Bit9 is unique because of its real-time and historical data for every server and endpoint, its low administrative requirements, and its proven reliability.  Bit9 has stopped the most advanced attacks, including Flame, Gauss, and the malware responsible for the RSA breach.  Almost 1,000 organizations –  from 25+ Fortune 100 companies to small businesses – use Bit9 to increase security, reduce operational costs, and improve compliance.

Bit9’s main differentiator is that it uses a trust-based approach to detect and stop advanced threats that evade traditional security tools.

In addition, four characteristic distinguish Bit9 from other security offerings:

  1. Immediate visibility, detection and protection: The only real-time server and endpoint sensor. Bit9 provides the only endpoint sensor that continuously monitors all activity on an endpoint, server or fixed-function device. Bit9 tracks the arrival and execution of binaries (including executables, installers, system services and drivers, scripts, browser add-ins, etc.), changes to memory, process violations, registry changes, USB devices, file changes and more. From a single console you will know what is running on any system at any instant and immediately detect and stop advanced threats, zero-day attacks and malware. No scanning or polling. No signatures or data file updates. No waiting. Immediate, real-time visibility, detection and protection.
  2. Time-based detection and forensics:  The only continuous recording of events on servers and endpoints.  Bit9 continuously records all activities on servers and endpoints, including details such as what software arrived, when it arrived, how it got there, what it did, if it changed or deleted itself, if it modified the registry, etc.  Bit9 uses unique time-based Advanced Threat Indicators to analyze this information to detect advanced threats that would otherwise go unnoticed.  And because all of these details are available instantly from a single console for every computer in an enterprise, Bit9 offers a forensics gold mine for anyone analyzing an incident; Bit9 can turn weeks of laborious investigation into minutes of rapid response.
  3. Lowest admin effort and user impact:  The only solution with IT- and cloud-driven trust policies.   Early whitelisting/application control solutions required excessive effort to maintain a large list of trusted files, and they often blocked users from running essential software. Not with Bit9. Bit9 uses policy-based whitelisting and application control that many organizations say requires less effort to manage than antivirus software. Bit9 is the only solution with both IT-driven trust policies (for software that IT “pushes” to users) and cloud-driven trust policies (for software that users install themselves) to minimize admin effort and user impact. The result: a highly secure environment with no hassle for IT or interruption for end users.
  4. Proven reliability and scalability: The most widely deployed application control solution. Bit9 is a proven success, with nearly 1,000 deployments across major organizations, far more than any comparable offering. Bit9 is Windows-certified, so you can trust it. And Bit9 scales to many hundreds of thousands of users to handle the largest of environments.. Bit9 has stopped the most advanced attacks, including Flame, Gauss, and the malware responsible for the RSA breach.  Almost 1,000 organizations –  from 25+ Fortune 100 companies to small businesses – use Bit9.

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