About Xavier

Xavier Ashe has been dabbling in information security since the late 80s, finally getting paid for it in the early 90s.  Full professional history is on LinkedIn.

With experience in nearly every industry both as a security practitioner and a consultant, Xavier understands how to apply business requirements to build a robust security architecture that will deliver value within a short turn around. His deep security knowledge allows for expert deployments in even the most customized environments.

Xavier wrote about his security philosophy here.


  • “CISA Cybersecurity Provisions Passed in the 2016 Omnibus Budget Bill”, EFF Track at DragonCon, 2016
  • “Cyber Forensics Are Lies”, EFF Track at DragonCon, 2016
  • “Lateral Movement: How attackers quietly traverse your Network”, PhreakNIC, 2016 and Hacker Halted, 2016
  • “Malware Visualized: Process Execution Mapping”, Security BSides Atlanta, 2015
  • “Security is in the Air”, Kennesaw State University, 2015
  • “Proven Practices with IBM Security Technology”, IBM Pulse, Las Vegas 2012
  • “Security Information & Event Management and Identity Management — A Powerful Combination at Harley-Davidson”, IBM Pulse, Las Vegas 2009
  • “Security Event Management and Network Forensics”, Department of Defense Cyber Crime Conference, St. Louis 2009
  • “Deploying TSIEM – A TCIM/TSOM Integrated Architecture”, IBM Tivoli Technical Enablement Event, Austin, TX 2008
  • “Introducing Tivoli Security Operations Manager” and “Building a Security Framework in Next Generation Networks”, Netcool User Symposium, 2006
  • “Building a Security Framework in Next Generation Networks”, EMEA Netcool Users Conference, 2006
  • “Current Wireless Security Attacks in the Wild”, Atlanta High Technology Crime Investigation Associations, 2005
  • “Assessing Your Corporate Network’s Vulnerability to Wireless Threats”, AirTight Network Luncheon Series, Westin Buckhead, 2005
  • “Breaking into IT”, Association of IT Professionals, University of Wisconsin at Milwaukee, 2005
  • A+ instructor at Sprint Web Hosting, 2002
  • “Window Scripting Host in Windows 2000”, Microsoft Internet Developers Association (MIDAS), Atlanta, 2000
  • Instructor for “Leadership, Diversity, and Group Dynamics”, Red Cross Leadership Development Conference, Emory University, 1998, 1998
  • “The Art and Science of Leadership”, Junior Civitan International Convention, Georgetown University, 1995

5 thoughts on “About Xavier”

  1. Hi Xavier,

    Have you tried mirroring a port from QRadar to Vsphere? I’m interested to know how to configure the QRadar box to be able to get the mirrored logs, as there are no guides showing how to go about doing that.

    Thank you



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