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A free tool to Scan to PDF that WORKS!

Posted by Xavier Ashe on February 18, 2013

My move from running RedHat on the desktop back to Windows 7 hasn’t been too bumpy.  Only one big driver corruption issue that took me a couple of days to solve, but it seems running Windows is like riding a bike.  I have a need to scan a good bit of documents into a single Adobe PDF file.  The driver & software package that comes with my Lexmark printer only scans to individual files.  I had been using PDF Creator, which has a tool to suck up all the individual jpegs and put them in a PDF.  It was clunky, and often files would be out of order.

I went on a search today to find another tool to meet my needs.  I tried 5 different freeware or shareware programs.  The first four didn’t function in some way.  Most just errored out, one didn’t even run.  I finally found NAPS (Not Another PDF Scanner).  The only problem I have is that the default permissions on the program folder in which it runs keeps it from saving a config file.  Running it as Administrator worked for setting up my profile.  Now it runs fine as under regular permissions.

Just wanted to share to possible save someone else some time.  Cheers!

UPDATE; well, NAPS ended up being too buggy for me.  I went back to the developer page on Sourceforge and saw a comment that some one else has forked the project.  Yay, NAPS 2 is better!  Open Source FTW!


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