IBM Tivoli Endpoint Manager Mobile Device Manager 1.3

IBM Tivoli Endpoint Manager (TEM), built on BigFix technology, is one of my favorite IBM products to work with.  It has an elegant architecture that makes things work so well.  I usually only deal with the security functions of the tool, but it can do so much more.  The Mobile Device Manager (MDM) is one of those features that I don’t get to deploy often, but I try to stay abreast of its capabilities.

Mobile Device Management Release Notes

Site Version 47 – Nov 1 2012

MDM Feature Release 1.3
New Features:
  1. Integrated SAFE support – Integrated Samsung Approved For Enterprise (SAFE) Phase One APIs to enabled additional management capabilities (such as selective app wipe, application blacklisting, and device encryption) to SAFE enabled android devices.
  2. Self Service Portal Redesign – Reworked the Self Service Portal (SSP) to be easier to use and much more end user friendly.
  3. Mobile Security Configuration Management Sites – MDM now includes a new batch of Center for Internet Security (CIS) Checklist sites for iOS 5.0.1, and Android 2.3, 4. These can be enabled through the normal License Overview dashboard in BES Support.
  4. Expanded Proxy Agent Capabilities – The Proxy Agent for iOS, Lotus, and MS Exchanged managed devices now supports Multiple Action Groups, Baselines, and “createfile” commands.
  5. Change Notification Dashboard – New notification dashboard to help users stay on top of the changes and improvements made to the MDM site.