Cyber Peeping Tom

Federal prosecutors are going after a Florida college student who allegedly installed spyware on a woman’s laptop to covertly snap nude photos of her through her webcam.

Craig Matthew Feigin, 23, is charged (.pdf) in U.S. District Court in Gainesville with violating the federal Computer Fraud and Abuse Act. Feigin was arrested by local police last July.

The case began when the victim noticed changes in her computer’s behavior after giving it to Feigin for overnight repairs, the Gainesville Sun reported at the time. Every time she got near her laptop,  the light on her webcam switched on.

A friend with IT experience examined the system, and found that someone had installed the remote access program Log Me In, and software called Web Cam Spy Hacker, which Feigin himself sold online as a tool for catching cheating spouses. Over three weeks, the software allegedly uploaded some 20,000 images of the woman to an Eastern European web server before it was detected.

Read the full article on Wired.


Author: Xavier Ashe

Entrepreneur, Infosec Executive, CISSP, CISM, Ironman triathlete, traveler, UU, paleo, father of 8, goyishe, gamer, & geek.

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