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Splunk Fail

Posted by Xavier Ashe on August 13, 2008

This is great.  Found on the McGrew Security Blog.

Splunk Fail

Splunk Fail


3 Responses to “Splunk Fail”

  1. John Topp said

    Not so much Splunk fail as much as a Splunk success. The lack of diligence in keeping the marketing literature updated is secondary to the fact that I left the relative security of a Federal contracting job and joined Splunk. The conclusion that should be drawn is it must be a very solid product to foster such a leap between career types.

    – John Topp
    Former Federal Agency TD, current Splunk SE – and loving it.


  2. So were you a Technical Director at a “Major Government Agency”, or a manager at a federal staffing company, ManTech (or was that SRA International), who was a Splunk Partner?

    😉 Either way, good move jumping on board with Splunk. Splunk is a great tool, I’ve used it a few times. And I wore my “Take the sh out of IT” t-shirt to DefCon a few weeks ago.


  3. benizi said

    Even better is the revised ad, where it now crosses out John Topp’s “Major Government Agency” job title and adds “John Topp is so awesome, we hired him!”. (Seriously.)

    I saw that Google Ad on (I think), and googled John Topp since it seemed so bizarrely similar to those Ron Popeil late-night infomercials. They’d obviously lowered the price, and instead of filming the whole thing again, they simply had an announcer say, “No, Ron! Not $39.95! Just $29.95!” every time they got to the price info. In the mid-90’s infomercial, that made sense, since the cost:benefit ratio of reshooting the segment would be too high. In the Splunk ad, it just looked weird.


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