On Amazon’s Outage…

Amazon suffered an outage today starting 10:30 am PST. For a few hours the main page of Amazon seemed inaccessible and users would get an error message ‘HTTP/1.1 Service Not Available’. There are reports though that users are now able to access the site since 1:30 pm PST.

Using NarusInsight Secure Suite, we are continuing to investigate whether this outage was a result of a network-initiated attack against Amazon. Preliminary analysis doesn’t suggest any Distributed Denial-of-Service (DDoS) attack or any other foul play against the main web site.

Contrary to emerging reports that sites that use Amazon Web Services (AWS) do seem to be running well, we’ve seen that IMDB (Internet Movie DataBase) does appear to have been affected by the outage. My preliminary analysis using NarusInsight Secure Suite shows that at least one of the ip-addresses used to host IMDB was under a sustained denial-of-service attack.

I got a good look at the Narus suite of tools a while back and was impressed. The team behind them are equally impressive. Keep a lookout on their blog for updates.


Author: Xavier Ashe

Entrepreneur, Infosec Executive, CISSP, CISM, Ironman triathlete, traveler, UU, paleo, father of 8, goyishe, gamer, & geek. http://linkedin.com/in/xavierashe

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