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'Unbreakable' BD+ Blu-ray protection cracked

Posted by Xavier Ashe on November 9, 2007

A software firm reckons it has definitely cracked the forthcoming BD+ copy protection on
Blu-ray discs even though
Sony says it has beefed up the protocols involved.

Confident developer
says it has the ability to get round the Blu-ray camp's latest security
protocol – despite its latest AnyDVD software only cracking Blu-ray's
older security system, AACS (Advanced Access Content System).
Currently, Blu-ray disks are digitally encrypted using that system,
also used by the HD DVD camp. But BD+ is a new layer of security that
is exclusive to Blu-ray.

Blu-ray: not so tough

already found a way to crack BD+ and we have just turned to
fine-tuning,” said James Wong, SlySoft's head of development in a
statement. “I should really think about hiring a bodyguard now, since
this product won't please everybody.”

Read the full article on


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