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Why gangsters love their BlackBerrys

Posted by Xavier Ashe on October 10, 2007

Police often say that organized crime in B.C. is big business.

perhaps it was only a matter of time before gangsters here adopted the
device of choice among corporate workaholics: the BlackBerry.

device has become so popular among B.C. gang members that an internal
RCMP “threat assessment” on organized crime produced this year devotes
an entire section to the device.

“Every message that is sent via a BlackBerry is broken up into 2Kb
[kilobyte] packets of information, each of which is given a 256-bit key
by the BlackBerry server,” said Totzke. “That means to release the
contents of a 10Kb e-mail, a person would have to crack five separate
keys, and each one would take about as long as it would for the sun to
burn out — billion of years.”

Read the full article.


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