Announcing – The DRAGON CONspiracy

Disclosure:  I am part of Digitribe Productions.  This is a bit off topic, but will prove to be good fun.  Click here for the original announcement.

Greetings Citizen!

I'm pleased to announce that DigiTribe Productions will be producing a Live-Action version of the popular Paranoia RPG at Dragon*Con 2007 in Atlanta, GA the weekend of August 31-September 3.  Digitribe Productions has brought you many fun games in the past including Night's Children and R.E.L.I.C., and also brought you Geekin'.

The game will run continuously from Friday night until Sunday evening with primary plot hours occurring Friday 1900-2100, Saturday 1300-1800, and Sunday 1300-1800. The Primary storyline will advance during these three session windows, however players are encouraged to continue game play throughout the day and night if they so wish.

The LARP system being used has been specially developed for this type of convention game and has been streamlined for ease of play, speedy resolutions, and quick learning curves.Registration for the game is $19.84 – and includes six lives (clones) of your assigned character. To pre-register please visit The game is written for a maximum of 200 players, so act now and get your name on The Computer's roll sheet.

The official game description is as follows:

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

As you may be aware, for the last <CLASSIFIED/indigo> years, certain citizens have been selected for a relaxation experiment. This year, you have been selected for this honor. The computer requests that you report to the CON sector. Attendance is mandatory. Failure to attend is treason.

You are ordered to take two days of holiday. You will be taken off of Visomorpain for the duration. You will be given an extra dose of Xanitrick. All citizens WILL enjoy themselves. Computer-approved jumpsuits are not mandatory for this period. Citizens are encouraged to dress in festive costumes based on Computer-approved video dramas. Citizens MUST avoid work during this relaxation period. Citizens MUST accomplish all mandated tasks as normal. Happiness is mandatory.

This “holiday” is essential to long-term evaluation of infrared response to adjustments in medical dosages and work schedule. CON sector will be sealed until infrared citizens return to normal parameters, so their “colorful antics” do not disturb other citizens. It is essential that you help collect data on infrared behavior during this period without interfering in their behavior.

This experiment may result in increased treasonous activity. You are required to report to the CON sector main Computer terminal for troubleshooting assignments. Troubleshooters will receive work assignments to uncover seditious activity. Failure to report will be regarded as treason. Refusal to work will be regarded as treason. Clearance Red and above citizens are not exempt from the prohibition against working during the experiment.

Due to a treasonous, communist attack on a local plant, Multicorder devices will not be available for requisition on the festival weekend. Since Multicorder records are very helpful in establishing treason beyond a shadow of a doubt, all troubleshooters are encouraged to bring personal Multicorder devices for use in missions during the experiment. Fines for possession of a Multicorder of unauthorized clearance will be waived for the duration of the experiment. Troubleshooters bringing personal Multicorders will be Commended. It is treasonous to use a Multicorder of a level beyond your clearance.


FBI's Secret Spyware Tracks Down Teen Who Made Bomb Threats

FBI agents trying to track the source of e-mailed bomb threats against
a Washington high school last month sent the suspect a secret
surveillance program designed to surreptitiously monitor him and report
back to a government server, according to an FBI affidavit obtained by
Wired News.

The court filing offers the first public glimpse into the
bureau's long-suspected spyware capability, in which the FBI adopts
techniques more common to online criminals.

The software was sent to the owner of an anonymous MySpace profile
linked to bomb threats against Timberline High School near Seattle. The
code led the FBI to 15-year-old Josh Glazebrook, a student at the
school, who on Monday pleaded guilty to making bomb threats, identity
theft and felony harassment.

Read the full article on Wired.  I believe that this is the first confirmed use of an FBI Trojan horse program in a criminal investigation.  That we know of 😉

BSA to pay up to $1 million for piracy tips

The Business Software Alliance announced on Monday the launch of its
“Blow the Whistle” campaign and said it will offer up to $1 million as
a bonus for employees that turn in their employers.

The campaign, which lasts until October 2007,
rewards end users that tip off the the software industry's lobbying arm
and offer evidence about companies that have installed unlicensed
copies of software. Until the end of the campaign, the BSA will pay a
bounty to informants based on the settlement with a maximum fee of $1
million, up from the normal top tip for tattlers of $200,000. Under the
guidelines of the program, end users cannot have been the ones to install the software unless they were ordered to do so by a supervisor.

Will you be a rat?  Read the full article on SecurityFocus.

iPhone Root Password Cracked

We managed to obtain and crack the hashs of the user passwords for the
iPhone OS. More information could be found at our development Wiki here
(link removed).

Edit: cause you digg people broke the poor wiki:

The password for root is “alpine”
The “mobile” user accounts password is “dottie”

Is it sick to have root pasword to all iPhones worldwide? Well not really, there is no terminal yet to login 😛