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Videos from HITBSecConf2007 – Dubai released

Posted by Xavier Ashe on May 24, 2007

The videos from the first ever deep-knowledge security
conference to be held in the UAE; HITBSecCoinf2007 – Dubai is now
available for download. Unlike our conferences in Malaysia where the
ENTIRE conference is recorded and the videos released on Bit Torrent,
for the Dubai event we only recorded the welcome address by H.E. Mr.
Mohammed Nasser Al Ghanim (Director General of the UAE's
Telecommunications Regulatory Authority – TRA) and the keynote
presentations by Mikko Hypponen (Chief Research Officer, F-Secure Corp)
and Lance Spitzner (Founder, Honeynet Project). The videos are all on
Google Video so no torrent downloads required šŸ™‚

Welcome Address by HE. Mohammed Nasser Al Ghanim & Day 1 Keynote by Mikko Hypponen (Part 1):

Day 1 Keynote by Mikko Hypponen (Part 2):


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