Scammers don't know when to quit

Except when you mention the FBI:

[13:53] olgafun01: How are you doing?
[13:53] olgafun01: Hello
[13:53] olgafun01: Buzz!!
[13:54] me: Ever get back to the US?
[13:55] olgafun01: Yeah
[13:55] me: Good, what city is it that you live in again?
[13:56] olgafun01: Am still in UK
[13:56] me: So are you in the US or the UK?
[13:57] olgafun01: UK now
[13:58] olgafun01: But i wish to get to you before next 2 weeks okay
[13:58] me: okay… You live in Atlanta right?
[13:59] olgafun01: Nop
[13:59] me: where do you live?
[13:59] olgafun01: I live in Clarksville TN
[13:59] olgafun01: That is where am really from
[13:59] olgafun01: And you?
[13:59] me: oh yeah, that's right. So whatcha doing in the UK?
[14:00] olgafun01: I tolld you before that i wnet to UK for some project
[14:01] olgafun01: U there?
[14:02] me: What is that you do for a living?
[14:02] olgafun01: I work as an interior Decorator / computer Consultant for interior/remodelling companies….
[14:02] me: sounds fun.
[14:03] olgafun01: Ohh yeah
[14:03] olgafun01: What do you do too?
[14:04] me: Internet Fraud Investigations
[14:04] olgafun01: Okay
[14:05] olgafun01: So where are you?
[14:05] olgafun01: Tell me what you really do for you living?
[14:05] olgafun01: Coz that is not wor
[14:05] olgafun01: work
[14:06] me: yes it is. this is part of work I do:
[14:07] olgafun01: Okay
[14:08] me: But I am more on the consulting side. I go help companies track down the bad guys
[14:08] olgafun01: Okay
[14:08] olgafun01: That is a good work
[14:08] me: yeah.. it's fun. I get to work with the FBI alot.
[14:08] olgafun01: Brb please

She may be back, but it's been about 45 minutes.  I think she might be a bit scared now.  We'll see.


Author: Xavier Ashe

Entrepreneur, Infosec Executive, CISSP, CISM, Ironman triathlete, traveler, UU, paleo, father of 8, goyishe, gamer, & geek.

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