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Microsoft corroborates Windows Vista OEM hacks

Posted by Xavier Ashe on April 13, 2007

At least Redmond can't say that no one told them so, as the folks at Microsoft are finally holding up a hesitantly-raised white flag
and admitting that Windows Vista is indeed far from crack-proof. After
depressing the mental “Allow” button, Microsoft Senior Product Manager
Alex Kochis has come to grips with the Vista hacks that are currently floating around (and apparently functioning).
Interestingly, he insinuates that the company will be looking at ways
to “disrupt the business model of organized counterfeiters and protect
users from becoming unknowing victims,” but also mentioned that it
wouldn't be rushing out in a likely futile attempt to nab every “mad
scientist” (saywha?) on a mission to hack Windows. Hmm, wonder if that
has anything to do with the barren efforts it exhausted trying to one-up FairUse4WM?

From Engadget.


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