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Oracle Scripts

Posted by Xavier Ashe on April 9, 2007

IBM Tivoli Security Operations Manager (TSOM) supports two databases, Mysql and Oracle.  Mysql has many resources that are free and easy to use online.  Oracle, however, is a bit more challenging.  As a product consultant I am tuning databases as often as I am working with TSOM.  Unfortunately, I am not a DBA.  I am nearly a MSDBA, but never finished taking all the tests required.  So working with Oracle has been fun.  Today I came across a collection of oracle scripts posted by Pentest Limited (a UK based security firm).  These are probably easy as cake for Oracle DBAs, but will help me immense in the field.  Also posted on their downloads page is BTScanner:

BTScanner for XP is a Bluetooth environment auditing tool for Microsoft
Windows XP, implemented using the bluecove libraries (an open source
implementation of the JSR-82 Bluetooth API for Java).

: Windows XP Service Pack 2 with a Microsoft Windows supported
Bluetooth driver. This will not work with the WIDCOMM Bluetooth stack.


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