Scammers on Yahoo Personals

I posted about my fun on, where the company itself was attempting to scam me.  Now it seems I found that Nigerian scammers have moved to Yahoo Personals.  This was the third time this has happened in about a week.  All of the the “girls” involved had their profiles deleted days after emailing me.  They all had full profiles and seem like real people.  Who happen to be stuck in Nigeria.  One needed some cash to pay the hotel phone bill.  One needed cash for transportation to the American Embassy.  One clue is the “Buzz!!” that happens when I am IMing these folks.  It happen with a previous chat too.  Here's an older chat:

[17:40] me: hello… you there?
[17:40] marybabie112: How have you been
[17:40] marybabie112: i know you forgetten about me
[17:40] marybabie112: i will be trying to talk to you but know response
[17:41] me: just been busy… how have you been?
[17:42] me: did you remove your profile from yahoo?
[17:42] marybabie112: yes cos i have you
[17:43] me: ?? You have me?
[17:44] marybabie112: YES
[17:44] marybabie112: cos since started talking to you i feel butterfly in my stomach
[17:49] marybabie112: do you think will have anything in common
[17:49] me: if you want you give me a call at xxx-xxx-xxxx
[17:50] me: I hope so 😉
[17:50] marybabie112: They dont allow me to used the hotel phone anymore cos the money am oweing them
[17:51] me: hotel? Where are you at?
[17:51] marybabie112: Nigeria , Summit Hotel
[17:52] me: oh… well it's kinda hard to go out for drinks with you still out there. When will you be back in town?
[17:53] marybabie112: i dont know yet cos i dont have the money to pay them
[17:53] me: riiiight.  So, email when you're back in town.  Then we can chat.
[17:54] marybabie112: Okay

And here's the chat I had this morning.

[07:43] olgafun01: Hello
[07:43] olgafun01: How are you doing today?\
[07:43] me: good morning
[07:44] olgafun01: Good morning to you too
[07:44] olgafun01: How is everything over there?
[07:45] me: good. just getting up and going. Excuse my faulty memory, but who is this?
[07:47] olgafun01: This is Olga from US TN
[07:47] olgafun01: Do you know where you meet me?
[07:48] me: No, I'm sorry. Where did we meet?
[07:49] olgafun01: Arer you on Fling?
[07:49] me: no
[07:49] me: what is fling?
[07:50] olgafun01: Did you know me?My name is Olga from Clarksville TN and i know you know me from some site
[07:51] me: Prehaps Yahoo personals?
[07:51] olgafun01: Yeah you got it right?
[07:52] me: cool, can you send me a link to your profile?
[07:53] olgafun01: Well i have not finish my profile but i can tell you about me and where am from?
[07:53] olgafun01: Okay
[07:54] me: Sure, but how did we meet on yahoo personals if you don't have a profile there?
[07:58] olgafun01: Well i just search on only you
[07:58] olgafun01: Coz i love your profile
[07:59] me: ah. Well, thank you. Why are you looking for folks in Atlanta? Planning on coming down?
[08:00] olgafun01: Ohh coz i love the way you put your profile and i wish to know you better than this and i know when you get online everything wil gonna be alright for me to see you in person
[08:00] olgafun01: Coz i have been hurt before and am still looking for man who can be with me for ever and ever
[08:02] me: I'm not one for online romances. I don't mind chatting every now and then, but I am not online enough. I'd rather just meet in person. I think you can discover a lot more about a person that way.
[08:03] olgafun01: WHere are you?
[08:03] olgafun01: Talk to me
[08:03] olgafun01: Ohh Yeah
[08:03] olgafun01: But where can i get uyou and knmow ou very well?
[08:03] olgafun01: Or can will talk here better before knowing each othedr
[08:03] olgafun01: Other
[08:04] me: I have to get breakfast on. Be back in a bit.
[08:04] olgafun01: Okay
[08:04] olgafun01: Or can you mail me and tell me a lil about you so i can reply you and tell you about myself too
[08:07] olgafun01: Buzz!!
[08:27] me: No, thank you. I am not looking for an online/remo
te relationship. If you are in Atlanta and would like to meet, let me know.
[08:27] olgafun01: Are you back?
[08:28] me: yes
[08:28] olgafun01: Ohh is that why you keep your self there righht
[08:28] me: huh?
[08:28] olgafun01: Yeah
[08:30] olgafun01: Arer you there?
[08:31] olgafun01: Well let talk about how will gonna meet each other
[08:32] me: Sure… When is the next time you will be in Atlanta?
[08:32] olgafun01: I don't Have any business there right now
[08:33] olgafun01: But i can get there to meet my Mr. Right
[08:34] me: This weekend I am busy. But I have a flexible work schedule. If you wanted to come down during the week, I can make time for lunch or drinks.
[08:35] olgafun01: Really?
[08:35] me: sure
[08:37] olgafun01: Ever since I joined yahoo personals, I have always wanted to meet someone like you with so much care and respect for woman feelings I'm looking for serious relationship
[08:38] me: Thanks. So when do you think we can meet?
[08:38] olgafun01: Just that my heart is on fire at the moment
[08:38] olgafun01: i want to be there, just that i am froze up here right now
[08:40] olgafun01: Well i am a bussines person, forget to tell you that
[08:40] me: too bad. I don't have the flexibility for a road trip myself. Just ping me when you think you can make it down.
[08:40] me: That's cool.
[08:40] olgafun01: I am here in Nigeria for the first time
[08:41] olgafun01: it is not what you think ?
[08:41] me: riiight, what happen to clarksville?
[08:41] olgafun01: I have neve been here since i was introduce to this business 4 yrs ago and i have been to many places in Europe and in Austria
[08:42] me: sounds fun. Like I said, I'm not looking for a remote relationship right now.
[08:43] olgafun01: Can you imagine kind of bullshit i got myself into… Have been stranded here since Four Days
[08:46] olgafun01: I lost both parent. My only brother i depend on he's is into drugs life been adicted to it, he doesnt care about me, If not i would have just ask for help from my parent or my brother. But now, that i don't have them i think you are all i have now
[08:46] olgafun01: Buzz!!
[08:47] me: you are in some bad shape if you are asking a perfect stranger for some help. But unfortunately, you are the third girl that I have met online that is stuck in Nigeria. Sounds like an epidemic.
[08:53] olgafun01: I was here to clear some computer from Czech. But, Unfortunately when i get here i was sick and i use the money i have on me to get Treatment in the Hospital and now all i need is You to help me with some money so that i can clear the Goods. I promise to pay back as soon as i deliver the Goods and get payment from my Client. I will be very very gratefull if you can help me with the Clearance Fee so that i can get Goods cleared and return and come back to you
[08:53] olgafun01: Oh yes i know about so many scam here in nigeria i wouldn'y lie to you
[08:53] me: heh…. of course you wouldn't.
[08:53] olgafun01: Just please try and help me, I know for now i am a stranfer to you but i am very sure later you will klnoe me more than i know myself
[08:54] me: well, good luck with that.
[08:54] olgafun01: please kindly help me out..I'm not just looking for financial support only, I'm looking for something meaningful and lasting
[08:54] olgafun01: Just please try and understand why i need you to do this for me
[08:54] me: ha, thanks for the entertainment this morning.
[08:55] olgafun01: I know it is hard to trust me but i just want you to please try and help me please
[08:55] olgafun01: OKay

EDIT.  HA!  She came back later the same day.

[11:51] olgafun01: Hello
[11:51] olgafun01: How are you doing am back
[11:51] olgafun01: I know you can't do nd help me but let talk about how will gonna meet each other okay
[11:52] olgafun01: Buzz!!
[11:52] olgafun01: Buzz!!
[12:06] me: Just ping me when you get back in town.
[12:06] olgafun01: Okay..But try to understand me well okay
[12:07] olgafun01: Am in the state right now but i need to clear my goods in Nigeria coz the costom sieze my goods here and tell me to pay for the Good
[12:07] me: “[08:40] olgafun01: I am here in Nigeria for the first time”
[12:07] olgafun01: Goods and i dont have enough money with me all i have here is j
ust $600
[12:08] olgafun01: I jst did an mistake
[12:08] me: yup
[12:08] olgafun01: COz am so sad and i dont know what to do and what to talk about okay
[12:08] olgafun01: Am sorry
[12:09] me: right…
[12:09] me:
[12:10] olgafun01: I know you can't trust me
[12:10] olgafun01: But just try to believe me that i can't do something to make you be unhappy to me
[12:11] olgafun01: Coz i really wanna meet you and know you very well that is why i just read all what i write and i see tht i did an mistake there
[12:11] olgafun01: Am sorry for that
[12:12] me: are you marybabie112 too?
[12:12] olgafun01: Nop,
[12:12] olgafun01: My real name is Olga and am from TN \
[12:12] olgafun01: Nop that is not my name
[12:12] olgafun01: I told you am in the state right now
[12:13] me: Well, when you are Atlanta, I will meet you for drinks. Then you can try to scam me to my face, until then I have to get back to work.
[12:13] olgafun01: Ohh is that what you think about me?
[12:13] olgafun01: ohh that is not right
[12:14] olgafun01: Coz am for real\
[12:14] me: then I'll be proved wrong when we meet
[12:14] olgafun01: Okay
[12:15] olgafun01: But try to help me for the goods clearase
[12:15] me: HA! You are unbelievable!
[12:16] olgafun01: Ohhh is that right
[12:17] olgafun01: I know that coz the mistake i did before that is what make you say that to me
[12:17] me: you should read
[12:17] olgafun01: That is why isay i can't trust any one in here again
[12:17] olgafun01: They always breaking my heart
[12:19] olgafun01: So you are one of them
[12:19] olgafun01: Well i promise to come to you
[12:19] olgafun01: And i knwo you gonna do this for me to make me happy
[12:20] me: I'll believe it when I meet you. Until then, you can stop trying to get any money out of me.
[12:21] olgafun01: Yeah that is when i meet you okay
[12:21] olgafun01: Well please try to trust me and help me to clear the good
[12:22] olgafun01: So i can be able to sell it here and get the money so i can be able to get over to you soon
[12:22] olgafun01: Okay
[12:22] olgafun01: I promise you that
[12:22] me: STOP TRYING TO GET MONEY FROM ME. You are barking up the wrong tree.
[12:23] olgafun01: Ohh Okay
[12:23] olgafun01: Will you help me for something
[12:23] olgafun01: Do you know how much am asking from you?
[12:23] me: it doesn't matter
[12:24] olgafun01: I know that
[12:24] olgafun01: But just try to believe me very well than thjis
[12:24] olgafun01: Can you talk to my client right here
[12:25] olgafun01: Buzz!!
[12:26] me: no
[12:26] olgafun01: WHy?
[12:26] olgafun01: Hello
[12:26] olgafun01: Talk to me
[12:27] me: what else do you want to know. Yes, I would love to meet you. No, you are not scamming me out of any money. Yes, i am at work and am very busy.
[12:27] olgafun01: Ohh okay
[12:28] olgafun01: When you are not busy please talk to me so will can know how wil gonna meet okay
[12:28] olgafun01: Bye
[12:28] olgafun01: Buzz!!

Unbelievable.  But I guess people fall for it or they would keep doing it.


Author: Xavier Ashe

Entrepreneur, Infosec Executive, CISSP, CISM, Ironman triathlete, traveler, UU, paleo, father of 8, goyishe, gamer, & geek.

One thought on “Scammers on Yahoo Personals”

  1. Yeah dude, Thanks for posting this. I found a girl just like that and it seemed fishy from the start and then after talking to her after three weeks she says she needs money for her sick mom in nigeria. So I decied to do some investigating and searched for scams on yahoo personals. And found your page. The funny thing was the girl I was talking to was Mary too. Shit's crazy man. I emailed her back with I couldn't afford it anyway and with if your trying to scam me its not going to work. Then I blocked her email address.


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