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McAfee maps malware risk domains

Posted by Xavier Ashe on March 13, 2007

A global road map of the riskiest and safest places to surf online
found Russian and Romanian sites among the top-level domains most
commonly hosting malicious downloads, browser exploits, and scams.

A survey of 265 top-level domains by McAfee, dubbed Mapping the Mal Web,
revealed large differences in safety from one domain to another. The
worst haven for malware belonged to the the tiny Pacific island of
Tokelau (.tk), where 10.1 per cent of websites contained dodgy content.
The most risky large country domains were Romania (.ro, 5.6 per cent
risky sites) and Russia (.ru, 4.5 per cent risky sites). These East
European country domains were the most likely to host exploit or
“drive-by-download” sites run by hackers.

By contrast, three of the safest top level domains were associated with
Nordic countries, namely Finland (.fi, 0.10 per cent), Norway (.no,
0.16 per cent) and Sweden (.se, 0.21 per cent). Iceland (.is, 0.19 per
cent) and Ireland (.ie, 0.11 per cent) rounded out McAfee's list of
safe surfing habitats.

Read the full article at the Register.  The complete study, along with an interactive map, can be found here.


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