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Vista activation crack #2 auto-renews the 30 day grace period

Posted by Xavier Ashe on March 11, 2007

Strike three two
for Vista's product activation system: the latest Vista activation
workaround is called “Timerstop t2a” which works by automatically
renewing the 30 day grace period before the user has to “activate”
their presumably legit copy of Windows. Besides the obviously malicious
undertone to these kind of utilities, we're certain that there are a
whole lot of legitimate Vista owners out there that would prefer to go
through this admittedly complex process rather than attempt the normal
activation procedure. Just like with DRM, anti-piracy PSAs before movies, and heck, even excessive surveillance,
innocent people tend not to like it when they're treated as suspects.
The lesson for Microsoft is that when people want to pirate software,
they will: even in the face of increasingly complex activation systems.
A pity then that Redmond's fired up photocopiers technically can't copy
a function that — purposely — doesn't exist in Mac OS X.

From Engadget.


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