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Posted by Xavier Ashe on January 1, 2007

Thank you stopping by The Lazy Genius, a security focused Blog from the security architect, Xavier Ashe
Here you will find an abundance of security information, much of which
cannot be found through normal news outlets.  This site is
intended for other security professionals and IT managers that are
responsible for their company's security.

Xavier is a security solutions architect with 14 years experience.  He is currently working for IBM Tivoli (formerly Micromuse), implementing the security products in the Tivoli suite, including the industry leading SIM tool, Tivoli Security Operations Manager (formerly NeuSecure).  In his job he sees every type of security tool on the market, and figures out how to translate raw data into business objectives.  While on his travels, he blogs here with industry news, underground news, and personal experiences.

There are several ways to ways to read this web site.  The
information is categorized into subcategories.  You can visit via
a web browser to the Main Page, which includes all subcategories.  You can also visit just one of the subcategories by clicking on a folder on the left panel.  If you have an RSS reader, also known as News Aggregators, you can subscribe to The Lazy Genius.  You can also subscribe to the subcategories:  like Security Posts, For Fun, and Other Technology.

customers of his include: Yahoo, eBay, Barnes and Nobles, State of
Georgia, Home Depot, FBI, MGIC, plus many others.  You can review
his security experience in the Security Overview or Work History
documents. You can also view his LinkedIn Profile.  

Thanks for stopping by, and feel free to leave a comment here or anywhere on the site.  I look forward to hearing from you.


No Responses Yet to “Welcome!”

  1. Anonymous said

    Thought you would appreciate this cartoon–If you like it, I'll be happy to send you more of the same!

    Jen Doran


  2. Anonymous said

    Yea! My favorite Jen in the world! Thanks for the comic. We'll have to hang out now that I'm back in Atlanta.


  3. Anonymous said

    Excellent blog. Keep it up.


  4. Anonymous said

    interesting read.


  5. Anonymous said

    I qm glad to see you don't block opera, the only alternative for 166 mhz computers.


  6. Anonymous said

    Great site, X-Man! I've included your RSS on 2TonGorilla – Strong Stuff for Techs ( Jump over and see yourself on our Latest Articles page.


  7. Anonymous said

    Has the governor signed this bill?


  8. Anonymous said

    Thank you for adding us to your blog roll.


  9. Anonymous said

    Is this X-Man from SCRC? If so I miss you brother, been trying to find you. Eddie Qualls


  10. Anonymous said

    Great reading and all the links I could ever need !
    : )
    Bookmarked, thanks.


  11. Anonymous said

    Hi there Xavier, i need ur help.
    Its not so complicated its just something about IE. I designed my own blog template with the classic blogger template HTML language, nothing fancy, but i like it very much and put there lot of time and effort, since i am not knowledged about HTML stylish scriptings, i think i did a good work, and want to keep it that way. Well i just hate with all my heart that IE doesnt display my blog design correctly -i used FF to design it, and could not do any better to match them to view the same-. Well, ur the only one in the entire web that is running the explorer destroyer device, and i just want to input something like that on my bloger blog. I am not interested in gaining money with it, i just want to anounce very clearly to the IE visitors that they willnot view correctly my blog and that it will appear distorted and incomplete. Since i just want to warn them about that, i would like u to help me.
    If u want it to, i am able to put the same explorer destroyer script u own so u can gain from the very few IE users that visit my blog and could be interested in switching on to ff. I just need a bit of text-space to write the anouncent in Spanish.
    I dont know what could be the best to do, i just want to make very clear that they are not viewing correctly my blog and that they are missing its design…
    As u can see, its a matter of affective easthetics πŸ˜›
    Would u help me?
    please contact me and forgive my so broken english
    cheers from mexico


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