After – A new Short Film from Digitribe Productions

I am very happy to announce a new short filmed released by Digitribe Productions, AfterFor the first time, see the zombie outbreak through the eyes of the undead.  I worked on the film as an associate producer.  You can see the full film online.  This was lot of fun to make.  After was written by and produced from the same people who brought you Geekin'.  Please let us know what you think.  We have started work on our new film, but I cannot discuss the details until it gets further along.


PSP v3.03 Downgrader Released!

After much work over the past few days, we finally succeeded – we have an easy-to-use
downgrader for v3.03 PSPs!

Some ground-rules:

  • This downgrader is for v3.03 firmware only. But
    if you have v2.81 – v3.02, no problem – you can just upgrade
    to v3.03 to use the downgrader.
  • You need a copy of the unpatched GTA:Liberty City Stories UMD.
    No ISOs, no patched UMDs, not Vice City Stories. See here for
    some info on how to check if your version is patched. The most reliable way : the unpatched
    disks have the v2.0 firmware update on them.
  • This downgrader is intended to enable homebrew. Homebrew is NOT the same as piracy.
    Don't be a thieving loser – buy the games you play.
  • The downgrader will work on all current PSP hardware (TA-079 – TA-086). Patching of
    TA-082+ is automatic in the downgrader.
  • You downgrade at your own risk. There is always a chance of bricking,
    although we have done everything we can think of to make this process safe.

Full instructions for downgrading are included in the Downgrader_HOWTO.txt file in the
ZIP file. Read them carefully! You will need:

Enjoy! You can get support for any problems at the PSPUpdates forum.

Remember to check out the PSP Homebrew Database for information on
homebrew that can be run on your newly-downgraded PSP!

After downgrading from 3.03 to 1.5, there are some remnants of 3.03 left in flash.
If you later try to re-upgrade to 3.03 and repeat the downgrade, things will break.
At some later point, we will work on a cleaner that will remove these extra files. Until then, enjoy! (Don't worry,
upgrading to 3.03 OE firmwares still works fine).

From Noobz.

Upgrade your XBox 360's HD by yourself

TheSpecialist (one of the hackers who worked a lot on the original Xbox (360) DVD Firmware hack) sent us an awesome new tool that will allow you to use your own new SATA HDD in your Xbox360! No more 100usd for 20GB 😉

current tool only works with Western Digital BEVS series HDDs (20GB or
larger needed) and for now you can use max 20GB, but when Microsoft
will release larger drives you will be able to use as much space as
Microsoft's largest HDD.

Official Site: n/a, by TheSpecialist
Download HDDHacker v0.5B: here
Open Xbox360 HDD-case: here
Discuss this news item on our forums:

Read the full readme on

Wiinja modchip enables Wii / GameCube backups to function

We've seen plenty of Wii hacks since its November release, and we've even seen a completely uninspiring “hack” to run backup discs, but this time, we're thinking it's for real. The Wiinja modchip is on the loose, and apparently it requires soldering to the Wii innards in order to function, but it purportedly allows for Wii and GameCube
backups to be played back on the console. Unfortunately, there's not a
whole lot of information beyond that, and there's just a single photo
to instruct forthcoming owners how to correctly attach it, but if
there's one thing that helps its case, it's the video. So go on, click
on through for the YouTube demonstration, and start saving up those €40
($52) it'll run you when this hits “commercialization.”

From Engadget.

Diebold disclosed e-voting key on website

Electronic voting machine firm Diebold is once again the subject of
an embarrassing security gaffe after hackers created keys capable of opening voting machines from pictures posted on its website.

Two of three keys crafted by Ross Kinard of SploitCast were capable
of opening a voting machine obtained by Princeton University for
testing purposes. It's tempting to think, given the apparent ease of
the attack, that the locks are simple enough to be opened by anyone
with a basic knack for lockpicking.

Diebold has removed the offending images, replacing them with
pictures of digital card keys but that's akin to closing the gate after
the horse has bolted. Access to the key would allow tamperers to slip
in a memory card containing a virus or, even worse, tally-altering
software. In theory, security tape ought to be posted over the
compartment to detect such tampering, but that relies on election
officials checking for problems.

To make matters worse, the filing cabinet-style key is the same across all Diebold voting machines of the same model.

From The Register.