Telecom Security Solution introduced to Asia Pacific

The blog has been a bit quiet lately.  I have been working on a new solution that was announced at the beginning of the month.  The security concerns of telecoms and data carriers has changed a bit.  The thing I used to hear was “I only want to know about the attacks on my customers, everything else we can ignore.”  The attacks that when from one peer AS to another was of little concern.  But the attitude is changing now that these carriers are depending of their core transport for more and more revenue streams.  Mobile broadband to phones and laptops, VOIP, video, the emergence of WiMAX, and other new technologies are pushing the big carriers to rethink their security responsibility.

So a few months ago I was tapped to design what we dubbed as “Security in the Cloud”.  We needed a way to detect, manage, and mitigate security threats in the core transport of telecoms and data carriers.  What we did was talked with a few customers to figure out what was needed to step up to the challenge.  What came out of that was a collaboration of existing Tivoli software and the technology from an IBM partner, Narus.  Narus has some great detection technology for finding real threats within the massive amounts of data traversing the core backbone.  Then IBM Tivoli Security Operations Manager (TSOM) takes the Narus alert data and correlates it with existing security detection technologies to get more out of the alert data from Narus.  Then the correlated security events get passed to IBM Tivoli Netcool to be correlated and displayed along side performance and availability data.  The integration and flexibility of this solution is due to the IBM BladeCenter HT servers that makes it easy to scale to meet the demands of the Telecoms.  This combination of data allows carriers to detect and mitigate threats before they affect the performance of their network.

This solution was first introduced to the world at the ITU Telecom World in Hong Kong.  As a result of the pre-event and onsite media activities, IBM media relations teams have delivered in excess of 100 articles online and in print to date, with more articles expected in Hong Kong and mainland China. The mainland China media alone have published 59 articles on our announcements at ITU to date. Our announcements were picked up by more than 150 different news sites globally.  Here's just a few of the mentions of the solution:

Computer World Hong Kong – “ITU : Vendors roll out telco wares at ITU
InfoWorld – “IBM aims security bundle, new blade at telecom space
LighReading – “IBM Touts Telco Systems
eWeek – “IBM and Narus Offer Telecom Security Package

The development continues as we refine our offering to meet customer needs.  It's been a fun project and happy to see it making sense for so many customers.

EDIT: Just found out that IBM is now a member of the WiMAX Forum.


Author: Xavier Ashe

Entrepreneur, Infosec Executive, CISSP, CISM, Ironman triathlete, traveler, UU, paleo, father of 8, goyishe, gamer, & geek.

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