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A Challenge from Isreal Torres

Posted by Xavier Ashe on November 27, 2006

- click to download -

Here begins a series of challenges! Can you find the secret in #0001?
md5 : 354CC60C4486F842C347C8742D2905BC

update : [11/06/2006] : I am adding hints to incoming questions to ensure progress.

Hint 1 : The challenge is not to see who does not run the unknown executable (good try though!)
I will say that it is benign in every way; however caution should
always be taken in using a non-production machine and non-admin mode.
Hint 2 : The MD5 hash is only that of the executable and nothing more.
Hint 3 : In testing this on other machines I’ve unexpectedly found part of the solution so if you are lucky you will to. (If you do find it you can quickly build a tool to discover more… but now perhaps I’ve said too much!)
Hint 4 : No crypto is involved in any scripting.

Click here to download the Challenge.


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