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Blackjacking – 0wning the Enterprise via the Blackberry

Posted by Xavier Ashe on August 17, 2006

Research in Motion's Blackberry technology has
quickly become the defacto standard for executives and technical
personnel alike to maintain unteathered remote access to critical data.
Often regarded as inherently secure, most administrators deploy this
solution without a full understanding of the technology or risks

This presentation
will demonstrate how an attacker could utilize many typical corporate
blackberry deployments to directly attack machines on the internal
network—behind your perimiter defenses! The tools and source code
presented will be available for attendees. Techniques for reducing the
risks associated with this technology will also be presented.

Presentation made at DefCon 14 by Jesse D'Aguanno.  Download the PowerPoint Sides and download the Blackberry Attack ToolkitFrom.


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