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Xbox modder gets home detention

Posted by Xavier Ashe on August 9, 2006

Late last year, three men who worked at the ACME Game Store on Melrose Boulevard in Los Angeles were charged
with copyright infringement for selling illegally modded Xboxes. The
consoles were outfitted with special chips and larger hard drives which
allowed them to play and rip illegal copies of games. Jason Jones, the
owner of the store, has been sentenced to six months of home detention,
reports KCAL 9 News.
On top of the six months of home detention, which includes wearing an
electronic ankle bracelet to track his location, Jones will serve three
years of probation. A second man, Jonathon Bryant, will serve only the
three years probation after Jones admitted he was the sole owner of the
store. A third man, Pei Cai, remains at large and is considered a
fugitive. Jones and Bryant were also ordered to pay more than $2,600 to
the Entertainment Software Association (ESA).

From GameSpot News.


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