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Sourcefire thinks that no one else uses whois

Posted by Xavier Ashe on June 22, 2006

When security vendor Countersnipe launched its latest product, it
expected a few bogus enquiries from its rivals. But a request from an
outfit calling themselves Ychange seemed genuine enough.

'Jeff' from Ychange saw a demo and was so impressed he promised to show
the product to Superluminal, his financial services client, which was
just gagging to place a multi-million dollar order.

But a quick Whois check revealed that Superluminal’s web site was owned
by one of Countersnipe’s rivals, Sourcefire. Perhaps Sourcefire didn't
think anyone else would know about this new-fangled Internet thing.

“This has to be the least sophisticated attempt at spying I’ve ever
seen,” laughed Countersnipe’s Amar Rathore, “I wouldn’t mind, but
they’re a security firm, for God’s sake. You’d think they’d know some
cleverer tricks than that.”

TeeHeHe… From The Inquirer.


No Responses Yet to “Sourcefire thinks that no one else uses whois”

  1. Anonymous said

    The registrant for has been updated to, another registrar, which keeps the actual registrant's name private.
    Too late, huh?


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