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First Georgia, now the UK

It looks like the United Kingdom is weighing a law that could possibly criminalise the practices of Computer Security Pros.
From the article at ZDNet:

Police and Justice Bill will update the UK's existing Computer Misuse
Act (CMA), bringing in new powers to address the rise of organised
cybercriminals and offences such as denial-of-service attacks. It was
passed by the House of Commons earlier this month, and will be
considered by the House Of Lords over the next couple of months.

Sounds pretty harmless, right?


Read the whole article by Security Monkey.  The Georgia bill did get vetoed, so lets support our friends in the UK and help block this bill.

Microsoft considers taking admin rights from employees

Microsoft “eats its own dog food”, which means it deploys early
builds of its software internally to ensure the products are thoroughly
tested in a real world environment.

Currently, the majority of Microsoft's employees enjoy full admin
rights on their desktop PCs, which is an unusual practice in the
enterprise space as it makes possible for users to install unauthorised
software and introduce unwanted pests — such as spyware.

On the second day of the AusCERT conference on the Gold Coast, the director of Microsoft's internal security, Mark Estberg, told ZDNet Australia
that a security feature in Vista called User Access Control (UAC) could
mean less employees have full admin rights over their PCs.

Read the full article ZDnet Australia.