Georgia to Outlaw Computer Forensics

For those of you who care about Computer Forensics, please see the current situation in Georgia.

There is a bill before the GA Legislature — HB 1259

If passed, it will make it a Felony to perform and testify in a
State Court about any computer forensics performed, unless you are a
licensed Private Investigator.

This law will put honest, local companies out of business, unless
they go and get licensed. Note, the GA requirements for a Private
Investigator have NO REQUIREMENTS to have ANY computer forensics
expertise, nor is there any training regarding how to collect the

Several other states already have these laws, which only allows
Licensed private investigative services company to perform and testify
to any computer forensics related evidence. (Note, this would also
include any IT Audit records, not specifically limited in any way to
performing “Encase” like hard drive forensics.)

If you live in GA, please contact the Govenor and ask that he VETO HB1259.

Posted by dc0de. This would make it near impossible to have an internal security staff do forensics and more costly for independent consultants like I once was.  This is pure industry self protection.  The PI industry has not kept up with technology and is wanting the law to protect their elitness.  Reading through the thread on MemeStreams gleams some additional information.  Dc0de posted up an email he got from John Roberson of The Georgia Association of Professional Private Investigators, Inc. (GAPPI) (BYLAWS) (BoD) (CoE)

There has been no change in HB-1259, it is still on the Governor's
desk. That means we still need calls to his office to encourage him to
sign the bill this year. The telephone number is (404) 656-1776, so
call as soon as you read this message. You also need to contact five
others to get them to call also. They don't have to be private
investigators, just regular folks like your mother, father and other
friends and relatives. It is very important to our industry. If you
have keep up with state and national legislation over the past five
years we are losing ground every year, and pretty soon our industry
will be eroded away. Let's begin the fight now so as not to lose any
more ground. Thanks for your participation.

Here is some more discussion of the issue. Here is the actual text of the legislation. The Atlanta High Technology Crime Investigation Association is holding a meeting on this subject on May 8th. Calvin Hill, Representative who sponsored the bill, and John Villanes, Chairman, Georgia Board of Private Detectives will be at the meeting.

You can contact Sonny Perdue on this web form or call 404-656-1776.


Author: Xavier Ashe

Entrepreneur, Infosec Executive, CISSP, CISM, Ironman triathlete, traveler, UU, paleo, father of 8, goyishe, gamer, & geek.

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