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Donations flood in for 'guilty' security researcher

Posted by Xavier Ashe on March 2, 2006

Security expert Guillaume Tena, who was last week
ordered to pay a fine of 14,300 euros for breach of French copyright
law after publishing information about security vulnerabilities in an
anti-virus application, has already collected around half the money in
donations after appealing for help on his Web site.

On 21 February, Tena lost his appeal
in a case involving vendor Tegam and was ordered to pay a fine of
14,300 euros (around AU$23,000) for breaking French copyright laws.
Tena appealed for donations on his Web site — to buy a new anti-virus
application because asking for donations to pay a fine is also illegal
in France — and within a week he has already collected over 8,000

Tena said the generosity shows that whatever the courts think, the
Internet and security communities can recognise injustice: “It seems
that people on the Internet have an acute bull**** detector, and have
decided by themselves who is right and who is wrong.”

“I've asked for donations and have already received around 8,500
euros (AU$13,600) in a week. That is so incredibly nice, I have no
words. I hope this is what I will remember from all of this,” Tena told
ZDNet Australia.

From ZDNet Australia.


No Responses Yet to “Donations flood in for 'guilty' security researcher”

  1. Anonymous said

    The issue was not the disclosure. The issue was reverse engineering an unlicensed copy. You might still think that's unfair, but the issue should be fairly represented.


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