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WoW event crashed 27 servers

Posted by Xavier Ashe on January 12, 2006

WoW players will be familiar with the fiasco surrounding opening the
gates of Ahn'Qiraj, a realm that was added in latest patch.

While servers filled with gamers that gathered on the place of event,
some 27 crashed, leaving thousands of gamers stuck in their own realms.

Today, all of the servers in question are downed until tomorrow.
Luckily, this time the crash was a major meltdown – a datacenter is on
a move – so Blizzard gave from two to four days of free game time.

What happens to all those cases when players are unable to login
because the server drops connections in the time between the meltdowns?

Woops… Read the full artcle on The Inquirer. [via]


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