December was a good month

I was looking at the blog stats for December and we did pretty good.  Here's some highlights:

  • 41,295 unique visitors
  • 10% are returning visitors (up from 2% in November)
  • Only 37.5% are from the US.  14.8% from the UK, 10.6% from France. 4.8% from Canada.  And 2.7% from Germany.
  • My top referrer is with and pulling a close second.
  • 56.6% of you use IE, 35.6% use Firefox, and 2.7% use Safari.
  • 92.7% of you use Windows, 3.8% use Macintosh, 2.4% using Linux.
  • 78% of you use some type of broadband connection, while 12.6% still use dial-up.  I feel for you poor souls on dial up.
  • All the top searches that hit via google have to do with PSP hacking, specifically PSP 2.5 downgrade.
  • 72% find The Lazy Genius via a search engine.  20% come through a referring link on another web page. And 8% of you like the site enough to bookmark it.

The top 5 articles of the month:


Author: Xavier Ashe

Entrepreneur, Infosec Executive, CISSP, CISM, Ironman triathlete, traveler, UU, paleo, father of 8, goyishe, gamer, & geek.

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