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Microsoft Genuine Advantage Hacked Again

Posted by Xavier Ashe on December 28, 2005

In addition to adding Mozilla plugin support, it seems Microsoft
removed the chunk of code that accepted a cookie value that bypassed
Windows Genuine Advantage requirements, breaking my Trixie/Greasemonkey
scripts. As I don't have the luxury of continuously activating my MSDN
licensed boxes for WGA purposes, I created new scripts and a new
hash-generation automated job on my main desktop.

Every two hours, my main desktop executes a custom program that a)
launches GenuineCheck.exe, b) uses Win32 API to jot down the current
hash, and c) uses PuTTY to echo the hash into a file
on my host. I retreive this hash on-demand using simple XmlHttp objects
in the scripts and append them to the current URL. Simple! (source

Download the new Greasemonkey script (verified to work in Trixie unmodified)


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