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Another Sony-BMG Security Vulnerability Discovered (x2)

Posted by Xavier Ashe on December 9, 2005

EFF and Sony-BMG today announced
the existence of a new security vulnerability that affects Sony-BMG CDs
that include SunnComm MediaMax Version 5 copy protection software. The
vulnerability was discovered by the security firm iSEC Partners after EFF requested an examination of the SunnComm software.

For more on the vulnerability, including whether you might be affected, see EFF's FAQ on it.

A patch was released, but EFF updated their press release:

UPDATE: A further security vulnerability has been reported that afflicts MediaMax and Sony-BMG's patch. As a result, we are recommending against use of the patch until this new vulnerability is addressed.

No Responses Yet to “Another Sony-BMG Security Vulnerability Discovered (x2)”

  1. Anonymous said

    “Today” is not December 6th


  2. Anonymous said

    yeah… looks like I am a day or 3 behind on this one.


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