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Funny Guy… Funny Blog

Posted by Xavier Ashe on October 31, 2005

those of you who love Dilbert, but has yet to notice the big banner
they have had on their site for the last week, Scott Adams has created The Dilbert Blog.  So far he has had some rather amusing annidotes, but today's post had me laughing out loud.  I just love this guy's humor.  And I travel all the time, so I can feel his pain.

…The airline’s automated message called me an hour later
and said my flight was cancelled for no particular reason. But I was
automatically rebooked to a new and better flight with excellent seats
and vegetarian meals. There was a good chance I could get backrubs from
attractive flight attendants too.

technically, they booked me on an overnight flight that would guarantee
that when I gave my keynote speech to a crowd of 1,000 industry leaders
soon upon landing I would look like a heroin-addicted badger that had
stowed away in a jar of mayonnaise…


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