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Highschool Holds Hack Contest

Posted by Xavier Ashe on October 6, 2005

I was recently contacted by Chris Connors of 
Duxbury HighSchool
in regards to  a contest that he was holding for his students.  Chris
teaches TechnologyEducation at this highschool and decided he would
hold a contest to see which of his students could come up with the best
hack, he called it HackContest05.  He asked if I would be interested in
helping judge the contest along with a few others.  The students would
be able to submit their hacks to an online site, Duxtech,  for others to see.  I of course accepted, as I find this as a very interesting topic…  A school SUPPORTING Hacking?  Are the times changing?

I was able to get an interview
with Chris about this contest, and I hope that other highschools may
follow his lead.  Chris's progressive thinking has shown that the word
“hack” may be losing its negative connotations.  If you are in
highschool, know someone who is, or know any school
teachers/administrators I suggest you forward them this interview.  I
personally look forward to a day were all highschools allow their
students to (sorry for the cliche) think outside of the box and create
inventive solutions to problems they face in their everyday lives.

Get the interview on  Here is the Contest Webpage.


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