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JiWire Releases Firefox Wi-Fi Toolbar

Posted by Xavier Ashe on September 27, 2005

JiWire released a free Firefox toolbar that promotes their SpotLock VPN
service, but also provides a large variety of useful information,
including network status and signal strength as well as the security of
Web sites (it notes when SSL is active for a given page). It’s a
hotspot finder using JiWire’s directory, and the “i” (info) button
shows you a large amount of information about your adapter and the
access point to which you’re connected.

The toolbar is for Windows Firefox only for now, but JiWire promises versions for Mac Firefox and Safari and Windows IE.

Download the JiWire Firefox Toolbar.  Found on Wi-Fi Net News.  Should
be a nice tool since I travel a good bit.  Now if I could just
find a tool to help me find FREE Wi-Fi!  Now I look for the
closest Panera Bread, Atlanta Bread Company, Barnes and Nobles… they
seem to have free Wi-Fi.  I usually have about 30 minutes to kill
and it's not worth $6-10 bucks to check my email.


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