Reflecting on 9/11

Let me take a moment to share some personal feelings on a
normally professional blog.  As we are consumed with grief and anger over Katrina,
I wanted to look back 4 years.  Not because I want us as a nation to
continue the gut reaction that many of us had to kill, kill, kill right after
it happened.  I just would like to share what has happened in 4 years.

Personally, 4 years ago I was in my first year of marriage, my daughter was not
born, and I was trying to make it as a corporate man.  Now I am divorced,
my life revolves around my 2 and half year old, and I am an independent
consultant.  On 9/11, the nation was caught with its pants down and we
have over-compensated in strides.  I will probably make allot of enemies
by saying this, but I claim that the terrorists won.  We became so wrapped
up in the fear of the next big one that we tossed reason out the door.  We
have added to the hatred that birthed terrorism in the first place.  Don't
get me wrong, I was guilty of being bloodthirsty after 9/11.  I wanted them to
pay and came very close to joining the military in the following months to get
my revenge.

We trusted our leaders and we exchanged many freedoms to be more secure. 
We all thought that losing a few of our civil liberties was worth not having to
go thought the pain of 9/11 again.  We fell for the classic ruse written
by dictators over and over again (refer to 1984) and followed him to conquer
far away lands.  We again felt secure and comfy.

Then Katrina caught us with our pants down again.  We found out that the freedoms
that we gave up were only to help secure the leadership and all of their
friends (and the friend's companies).  We are not more secure.  We
have not grown as a nation.  The emperor has no clothes on.

I hope that this is the wake up call for many that have not moved past the initial
gut reaction of 9/11.  I hope that we realize that the only growth we have
made is in dividing this nation.  Let us all look back over the last 4
years and ask where you thought we would be now.  We are not safer, there
are more terrorist out to get the US, thousands of Americans have
died fighting wars we started, and thousands of Americans died due to lack of
homeland security.  This is not where I wanted to be 4 years after 9/11.


Author: Xavier Ashe

Entrepreneur, Infosec Executive, CISSP, CISM, Ironman triathlete, traveler, UU, paleo, father of 8, goyishe, gamer, & geek.

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