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Michal Zalewski on the Wire

Posted by Xavier Ashe on August 29, 2005

Recently the eccentric security researcher Michal Zalewski published his first book,
entitled Silence on the
Wire: A Field Guide to Passive Reconnaissance and Indirect Attacks
Because the book is everything except a security manual, Federico Biancuzzi
chose to interview Michal and learn more about his curious approach to
information security. Among other things, they discussed the need for
randomness, how a hacker mind works, unconventional uses for search engines
such as Google, and applying AI to security tools.

Great book and a great interview on… And I fell for this one last year too:

Sometime ago you played a joke claiming to have founded a company
called eProvisia LLC that provided a 100 percent guaranteed antispam service. The
very interesting fact was that its antispam technology used human beings who
manually analyzed email.

Yes, of course the company is not real; it was just a silly joke that got
out of hand (and was carried as a true story by ZDNet, Yahoo, Slashdot,
and others).


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