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Microsoft, Symantec Ships Zotob Worm Zapper

Posted by Xavier Ashe on August 18, 2005

Microsoft Corp. late Wednesday shipped an update to its malware removal tool to detect and delete the fast-spreading “Zotob” worm family.

typically updates the free utility once a month—on Patch Tuesday—but
with at least a dozen “Zotob” variants squirming through unpatched
Windows 2000 systems, the company added detections for 10 mutants to
help with the cleanup process.

The new version of the Malicious Software Removal Tool will now zap the following worms: Zotob.A, Zotob.B, Zotob.C, Zotob.D, Zotob.E, Bobax.O, Esbot.A, Rbot.MA, Rbot.MB and Rbot.MC.

This alert comes for eWeek.  Symantec has one too.  You can get cleaned at Trend Micro's Damage Cleanup Engine.  F-Secure has a bot remover (see instructions).  Have fun!



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