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Symantec to buy Sygate

Posted by Xavier Ashe on August 17, 2005

Symantec has signed an agreement to acquire Sygate Technologies, the company revealed yesterday.

Financial terms of the deal were not disclosed. Sygate is a
corporate and network security specialist, which focuses on securing
vulnerable computer network “endpoints”.

“Securing the 'endpoints' of a corporate network is a challenge
that affects all enterprises,” said Chris Christiansen, vice president
of security products and services, IDC.

“Companies are looking for integrated offerings that can both
protect the network and ensure that endpoints are compliant with
security policies. This acquisition will give customers a complete
endpoint compliance solution while helping to reduce complexity and

Endpoint security aims to guarantee that all devices connected
to a network – desktops, laptops, servers, and mobile devices – are
running appropriate security solutions, are configured correctly, and
possess up-to-date patches.

Most of Sygate's 200 employees will join Symantec. The deal remains subject to regulatory approval.

Get the scoop on Yahoo Biz.  You can also view the press release on Symantec's web site
I caught wind that Sygate was going to get purchesed about 4 months
ago, but it was not Symantec at the time.  Good luck Sygate…


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