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Posted by Xavier Ashe on July 17, 2005

I just stumbled upon a nice hacking website that have mulitmedia
hacking demostrations using their live security tools CD called  Thier live CD is called Auditor
and it's based on the KNOPPIX release.  I am downloading it right
now to add to the collection.  I am most impressed with thier tutorial page where they have flash and video demos using the tools on the CD.  There you can find:

  • Netgear WG511 external antenna
  • Exploiting weakness of PPTP VPN
    • Obtaining a username and password via sniffing a PPTP session
  • Bluesnarfing a Bluetooth
    enabled Mobile Phone
    • All sorts of fun with bluetooth
  • WPA Cracking
    • Very impressive.  Goes through injecting a
      de-authentication packet to capture the WPA handshake, then brute
      forcing the hash.
  • Void11 Mass De-Authentication
    • Wireless DoS attack
  • Decrypting SSL Traffic using
    Man In The Middle technique (MITM)
    • Nice demo using ARP and DNS spoofing
  • 128 Bit Wep cracking


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