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GPS Jamming for Fun and Profit

Posted by Xavier Ashe on June 16, 2005

Most modern weapon systems and aircraft
depend, in part, on the Global Positioning System (GPS) for navigation.
This reliance on GPS navigation dictates that laboratory test
facilities be equipped to create realistic GPS jamming environments
able to verify compliance with jamming specifications. Engineers at the
Naval Air Warfare Center Weapons Division (NAWCWPNS) have designed and
built a GPS jamming system for laboratory use to test GPS system
jamming performance.

This paper identifies and discusses issues related to implementing a
GPS jamming system in a laboratory test environment. These issues
pertain to jamming accuracy requirements, as well as important jamming
system design parameters and how they may affect jamming system
performance. An example of the Navigation Laboratory jamming system is
presented. It addresses fabrication issues, data requirements, error
handling, local and remote operations, and how to attain high accuracy
and repeatability during the generation and measurement of jamming.

Start the fun at  It's an old report (1997), but a little birdie told me it still works.


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