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Are you a Successful Information Security Leader?

Posted by Xavier Ashe on June 2, 2005

Information security leaders – the CSOs, CISOs and IT Directors and
Managers – play a critical role in today’s organizations. From
safeguarding intellectual property to protecting sensitive customer
information to managing internal IT controls to adhering to rampant
government regulations, information security leaders have a lot on
their plates.

The interesting thing I’ve discovered in recent years – formerly as
an employee and now as a consultant – is that some information security
leaders are highly successful in leading their cause while many are
not. I’m convinced that, with all things being equal (i.e. executive
support for information security, employee awareness, etc.), there are
certain personality traits and leadership skills that are essential for
success in this role.

Read the four traits that Kevin Beaver of Principle Logic feel are traits of successful security leaders over at IT Observer.  See how you stack up.


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