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Ahh, the memories: Apple II Games

Posted by Xavier Ashe on June 2, 2005

There's nothing like getting Dysentery at work.  Especially when
you are playing the best “educational game” ever, Oregon Trail.  I put
quotes around educational game because I am not sure what I learned
playing it. Maybe I could hunt a buffalo if I needed to.  I did
get to play it at school, however, so I guess that makes it
educational.  Well today on UNEASYsilence I was introduced to Virtual Apple:

Thanks to FTA, Kegs,
and the online Apple community, you can now relive, play, and enjoy old
Apple 2 games and other disks through the internet and web browser.
This web site uses an ActiveX application and Apple IIgs emulator to
automatically download and play most Apple 2 disk images online. To
play a game, just select the disk from the menu and click on Yes to
automatically download the ActiveX emulator and disk images. (Note:
Requires Internet Explorer and Windows) Don't worry, there isn't any
spyware to worry about, and it's completely free!

Then I did some poking around and found  Here they have some emulators so you can play offline.  On the same vein, you can also play Tetris on your iPod.


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