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Activist Aims to Scare Officials Into Protecting Personal Data

Posted by Xavier Ashe on May 27, 2005

Betty (but call her BJ) Ostergren, a
feisty 56-year-old from just north of Richmond, is driven to make
important people angry. She puts their Social Security numbers on her
Web site, or links to where they can be found.

Today, she is eager to guide reporters to her favorite example: the
Social Security number of House Majority Leader Tom DeLay (R-Tex.),
which is viewable via the Internet on a tax lien filed against him in

“Don't you think if I can get Tom DeLay's Social Security number . . .
that some guy in an Internet cafe in Pakistan can, too?” she asks, her
voice rising with indignation. “It's just ridiculous what we're doing
in this country.”

Read more at The Washington Post
I have a few “security conscience” friends that think that are paranoid
enough to protect thier private information.  They go to great
lengths and will not participate in various activities because they
“want too much information”.  Then the government publishes for
everyone.  How nice of them.


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