2005 Risks in Global Filmmaking Map

Every filmmaker, from
major studios to independent producers, experiences some element of
risk while filming in foreign countries. That is why, each year,
Aon/Albert G Ruben, the largest entertainment insurance broker in the
world, comprehensively measures and maps the risks filmmakers face
across the globe.
The 2005 Risks in Global Filmmaking Map measures crime, corruption, kidnap and ransom, disease and medical care risks, and references terrorism and political risks.

My parents are traveling to Israel this fall and I wanted to
see how they ranked the holy land.  Come to find out, Aon/Albert G Ruben ranks it just as dangerous as the US.  I
thought that odd, considering the recent events.  I know things have been
quiet for a while, but I would assume an insurance company would rather work in
the US than in Israel. 
Then… I zoom in to the Middle East to find a new country: Palestine.  They do not rank Palestine, but I bet the recognition of Palestine
allow them to shift the numbers a bit to make Israel look better.  There
many rich companies in Israel
that probably depend on Aon/Albert G Ruben to rank them
fairly safe.  It could be just my paranoia slipping in, but I felt I need
to comment. 

If I have a missed something here due to my US-media-induced
washed perspective, feel free to set me straight.

Found on Boing Boing.


GPS enabled spoof

I reported earlier about GPS enabled panties.  Unfortunatly, I was duped.  Contagious Media Showdown
is a website contest that has three week time span.  Whoever can
pull the most traffic in three weeks wins.  And the GPS enable
panties is sitting at number 2.  Crying While Eating has a strong lead, while Ring Tone Dancer is pulling a close 3rd.

All entries go live on the evening of May 19th and the contest ends at
midnight Eastern Standard Time on June 9th. Prizes are awarded based
on the performance of each entry over this three week period. For each
winning entry, Eyebeam will award cash grants in the form of a check
made out to the designated project leader. Eyebeam staff and members
of the contagious media group will serve as judges in the event of a
dispute and they are not permitted to enter the contest.

sigh…  I was realling hoping that I was going to get a GPS tracker for $100.

Layout Changes

As you see, I have made some slight layout changes.  I
have also added a few more links and link categories.  The Vendor Links on
the bottom left are security products I resell at Microtek Systems.  Email me if you have
any questions about those products or companies.  On the right, Random
Links are for everything that does not fit into the other categories. 
Next you have White Hat and Black Hat security links.  Please be
warned:  some of the Black Hat links contain material not suitable for
work.  They also tend to try to install spyware, trojans, etc on your
PC.  So DO NOT view those links with IE, and make sure you have the newest
version of FireFox
Finally I added some of my associates' blogs listed on Friends.  Hopefully
this will make this website more useful to you.

Ad-Aware 1.06 is out

The best spyware scanner just got better.  Lavasoft just released
Ad-Adware SE Personal Edition 1.06.  The improvement list is
several pages long.  The freeware scanner has been hardened
against third party uninstall with encrypted preference files, the
disk-scan is approximately 30 % faster, Code Sequence Identification
scan is now more efficient using less CPU and Memory as well as having
a smaller footprint, there is a new “Scan for low risk threats” option,
and the GUI has adapted to use the new Threat Assessment Chart.

Read the full improvement list and download today.

When faced with an unbreakable lock, steal the key

There's new IBM commercial that
touts a fingerprint
biometric scanner
.  There also a Targus
and Tensor
PC card add-ons that give similar functionality.  You are supposed to not
be able to logon to the laptop without your finger.  Sounds like the holy
grail of mobile security, right?

Well, first I would like to introduce to you how Gummi
Bears can defeat fingerprint sensors
.  But why go to all that trouble?

… in Sheboygan WI, a drunk man with next to no knowledge of
computers, has demonstrated, just how simple it is to thwart the newest

The annoying individual, a teenager who just could not leave yet, the cyber
cafe', as they were chatting, struck a sour note with the drunken individual.

The drunk, after knocking out the teen, unlocked the laptop, was said to have
changed the password, and fled the crime scene.

At present, police are still looking for the thief and due to age, are not
releasing the name of the teen.

Sigh… no matter how strong the lock, the key exists somewhere.

Master Cisco firewall logging

Cisco firewalls and security appliances can be configured to generate an audit trail of messages describing their activities. Firewall logs
can be collected and analyzed to determine what types of traffic have
been permitted or denied, what users have accessed various resources,
and so on. This sample chapter, taken from Cisco Press' Cisco ASA and PIX Firewall Handbook, explains the tasks that are necessary to generate and collect logging messages.The chapter contains the following sections:

  • Managing the Firewall Clock: Discusses ways to set and maintain the firewall's internal clock so that events and messages can have accurate time stamps.
  • Generating Logging Messages: Explains how firewalls generate logging messages and how you can configure them to do that.
  • Fine-Tuning Logging Message Generation:
    Covers the configuration steps that can be used to enable or disable
    specific logging messages or change their severity levels. This section
    also discusses how to configure access list activity logging.
  • Analyzing Firewall Logs: Provides an overview of how you can approach collecting and analyzing the logging messages that firewalls produce.

Get the free download at TechRepublic.  Aslo, take a look at “Cisco PIX Firewall: Lock it down in 10 steps“. 
Or you can email me and I can sell you a Juniper Netscreen
Firewall.  Then you won't need to read a dozen books to become a
Firewall expert.

The ZombieMeter

CipherTrust's ZombieMeterSM tracks worldwide zombie activity
in real-time. With more than 1,500 enterprise customers, CipherTrust
has a very broad, unique view of the Internet and potential threats as
they happen across the globe. By monitoring global messaging activity
and identifying behavioral patterns, CipherTrust can continue to
provide predictive protection against threats before they emerge.

Through data received from the Company’s global network of IronMail®
appliances, which protect more than 10 million enterprise e-mail
inboxes, the ZombieMeterSM tracks the number of new, completely unique
zombies per hour, every hour. Visitors can view real-time updates
regarding new zombie activity across the world, including the
origination of messages and the number of machines affected by zombie

Go and see the ZombieMeter!